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Never before has the Hip Hop community been able to find all of their needs within the music of one artist, or even in one label, but that's all changing now and that change is coming not from Cali, not from NYC, not from ATL, Miami or Houston! It's coming from Motor City USA! And, the man standing on top of this new musical empire goes by the name of Dawgface Calderon. The empire? Stronghold Records, LLC. Dawgface, who also goes by the moniker "Face TheNation" is back up by some of the most talented artists in a city that produced some of the most notorious "Real" life Gangster's that this country has ever seen starting with the super talented PMG Skeeno. Then comes Kyng Perfect, Mack Millie, Navy Cash (Blue Money) and the big man himself Waun$Money. 2013 will be a good year in Hip Hop based on what's coming out of the D! Be on the lookout for the crew project, "CHoPpA GaNg (Vol. 1)" [Spring 2k13]



* Owner/CEO of Stronghold Records, LLC., Founder/CEO of the Metamorphosis Management Group, Marketing Coordinator for Press Play Entertainment., Co-Owner of the Photo Session Media Group/Street Money Films, Author of, "Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide" [2012 - Emperial Publishing], Former A&R for M.I.C Records/M.I.C Music Group, former Promoter & Host of Club Status' "Shut'em Down Sunday's," (((On Air))) personality for's "Unleashed radio!", Recording Artist, Photographer, Talk Show Producer, Video Director, Event Planner, etc., etc., etc... By now everybody should get the picture!

Even though it seems like he came out of "no where," no matter who you ask in the City of Detroit, from Mike B, owner of M.I.C Records/M.I.C Music Group/Club Status to Floss-A lot, RosayBoy "Capo"/TandB Films Head Honcho to Omar of Hot Wheel City to Carol Dorsey, owner of Madd Money Entertainment to Nerve Damage, owner/ceo of AlphaWolf Records to super producers like Kidd TheBestOnTheBoards, Tallman Slim, Jay O'neal and Blasphemy to countless other CEO's, film and video producers, rapper's, singer's, event promoter's and artist manager's, they'll tell you the same thing... "Dawgface Calderon is the hardest working cat in the game - bar none!"

 Nyte Lyfe Magazine (2012)


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